Ioannis Fakorellis

Action Digital is an Internet & Mobile Marketing Agency, located in Athens, Greece, specialized in outsourcing marketing, consulting services and web projects.

Its owner Ioannis Fakorellis graduated in Physics, from the University of Western Brittany (Université de Bretagne Occidentale), Brest, France, has a vast experience of three decades now, in many commercial, technical, strategic and operational roles and positions, working for various fast-growing and highly competitive sectors and companies, including Vodafone, Groupe Société Générale, Athens Stock Exchange Group, Intracom, Hellas Online, Comverse Network Systems, GeoInformation, GeoCommunication and many other companies.

Ioannis has:

  • A strong experience and understanding of “Business to Business” and “Business to Consumer” markets, with high levels of analytical & conceptual thinking and strong combination of marketing, commercial, managerial, consulting, technical and soft skills
  • A strong experience and understanding of the entire Internet, Mobile and Digital Marketing world, including IT, software engineering & software programming skills
  • Significant strengths in managing very diversified, unique and innovative projects, for both retail and corporate clients, varying greatly in size, complexity, nature, budget, scope, risks and methodology. Bottom-line responsibility for strategic, business, marketing, communication and sales planning
  • A strong ability to interpret & evaluate complex statistical data, recognize and capitalize on market trends and new business opportunities

Action Digital and their partners are providing a wide range of outsourcing marketing, consulting and web development services, including:

  • Coordination of all marketing functions of your company
  • Analysis of the market potential, penetration and profitability of your services
  • Development and implementation of strategies and tactics through product development, internet activities, incentives and promotions in order to achieve the greatest number of sales
  • Service propositions and overall commercial strategies
  • Concept definition and commercial feasibility study based on identification and appraisal of opportunities, strengths, weaknesses, threats and key success factors, taking into consideration market analysis and best practices from the international experience
  • Definition of marketing mix and creation of appropriate product requirements & specifications
  • Development of long-range business plans. Time to market (TTM) strategy implementation and determination of appropriate pricing schemes (price elasticity, EBITDA profitability, depreciation & amortization, cashflow, NPV)
  • Projects budgeting, milestone planning and tasks definition, allocation and execution
  • Definition of short & long term commercial strategies and tactics for customers acquisition & retention
  • Identification/Evaluation of new trends, product concepts, business opportunities and new ways of profit making
  • Business & functional analysis and creation of marketing requirement specifications
  • Marketing action plans and commercial incentives to boost service penetration and usage
  • Supervision and leading of all cross-functional teams of your company involved in the product life cycle (i.e. sales, finance, legal, quality assurance, supply chain, IT, CRM, customer care, etc)
  • Business processes analysis, definition, improvement, redesign
  • Definition of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for product/service performance analysis
  • Benchmarking and competition analysis
  • Feasibility studies, assessments, new business propositions and process definitions